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Peggy´s Cove & Halifax in one day!

A great day with all the international students from Shelburne and Lockeport

sunny 20 °C

Peggy´s Cove

Peggy´s Cove

YES, I´m a real Nova Scotian tourist now. I finally took a picture of the most often photographed place in Nova Scotia: Peggy´s Cove! And I really understand why.. it´s not only beautiful, but also the perfect place to go for a walk or just sit with your friends on the flat rocks and enjoy the fantastic view on the Atlantic.
Peggy´s Cove

Peggy´s Cove

I went there with all the other international students and some ambassadors as well from Shelburne and Lockeport. I really like the long bus rides, although we had to take one of the uncomfortable school busses this time. It´s a great chance to talk to new people and learn more about their countries. I really enjoy sharing my adventures with others and listening to their stories about great days, exhausting weeks and funny school lessons. Moreover, I´m able to say "Hello, my name is Annika" on at least five different languages after these bus rides. In Peggy´s Cove we just walked around and I took many, many pictures.
Old train - Pier 21

Old train - Pier 21

In Halifax we visited the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, where we learned a lot about the process of immigration in those days when there were no plains so that you mostly had to take the boat to come to Canada. The people from Europe had a seven days trip and before they arrived they didn´t even know if they could stay in Canada. They either had to have a lot of money, a job in Canada or relatives who are able to pay for them. We also watched a movie in which immigrants told about their emigration or rather immigration. They all came from different countries and decided to live in Canada - in their eyes the best country to live. Because of its politic, its people and the excellent living conditions! They talked about their first experiences and I actually could identify myself in their stories. One man from Germany told about Canadians who ALWAYS say sorry, even without any reason! I totally know what he means - you´re soooo kind!
Halifax Harbourwalk

Halifax Harbourwalk

After the museum we walked along the harbour and enjoyed the sunny weather. Last we went to the shopping mall and had a lot of fun in the expensive famous brands shops and the little fancy shops. I LOVE Halifax - it´s the perfect mix between culture, beautiful views and shopping place. I hope I have the chance to come back soon!

Make sure you check out my gallery where you will find more pictures of my day at Peggy´s Cove and in Halifax. I hope you also read my last entry in which I talked about my amazing experience when I went whale watching. Stay tuned!
Annika ☼

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Trip to Saint Mary´s University in Halifax & WHALE WATCHING

I´m in paradise.

sunny 23 °C

I feel free.
In my school, in my opportunities and thus in my whole life.

The Canadian high school system is, in any case, better than our system in Germany. We have three different schools with different levels. The lowest level: Hauptschule, the middle: Realschule and the hightest level: Gymnasium. You have to be good at every school subject if you want to attend the "high level" school. At maths, languages and science as well as at visual arts, music or sports. You can´t choose your courses for the year, you nearly have every subject all the time. Maybe it´s effective, but the poison is unbelievable - we learn a lot in a short time. Many friends of mine gave up their hobbies because they needed more time for studying. Furthermore, it´s not common in Germany to take part in sport teams in school. IF you go in for sports you join your city´s team. In Germany I never felt something like a school spirit - we have no school colors or football games we all want to see. For us, school is studying - that´s it. Since I´ve been in Canada and attended the Shelburne Regional High School I know what school spirit is. And I finally figured out why American teeny movies are always about high school: high school friends, high school football and cheerleader teams, high school parties and high school crushes. High school means more than studying!

High schools in Canada also offer many trips that help you figuring out what you want to do in your life, what you want to be after school and so which university you want to attend. My school had a trip to Saint Mary´s University on Friday (SMU). SMU is on of the top university in Nova Scotia and is located in the capital: Halifax. I´ve only seen the university campus, but the few streets I saw out of the the bus (very comfortable - in contrast to the terrible yellow school busses) it looked beautiful. The campus was beautiful as well, even though it wasn´t the most beautiful campus I´ve ever seen. The living wall was what I liked the most, it´s a wall with many different plants on it - it looks beautiful. On SMU they offer students scholarships to study abroad, also you don´t need your own laptops and the food in the cafeteria is delicious. In addition you don´t have to go outside in the cold Canadian winter, the campus is constructed in such a way that you always can stay inside. 29%´of the students are internationals so I started thinking about going to university in Canada.



Have you ever been whale watching? No? You really should go!!
Yesterday one of my greatest dreams came true: I WENT WHALE WATCHING! I´m so happy I had this awesome opportunity and I still can´t believe what I´ve seen! The days before I was very excited and thought a lot about how it might be. But in the end it definitely exceeded all my expectations. It seemed like the whales made a show for us - and they are awesome entertainers! It´s impossible to describe the feelings I had - I was sooooo happy.
Please check out my gallery, you´ll find awesome pictures - I think it´s easier to share my feelings with you by means of pictures!

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Supermarket differences & the orientation camp in Yarmouth


Sometimes I don´t understand Canadians. Why do you need a 1810 g bucket of butter, 2 l bottles of orange juice or milk? Why do you pack every single slice of cheese in an extra plastic bag and who had the idea for a 695 ml can of ice tea? Today we actually drove about two hours with the car to go to a cinema and back home - that´s normal for you.
But then, most of the time, I admire you. You also drive for hours to see your family for a few hours, you host people from all over the world with an impressive passion which makes Nova Scotia, in my opinion, the best place to be as an international student.

On Thursday and Friday we had our Orientation Camp in Yarmouth, it was a great experience to meet so many Internationals and it was a chance to make friends with Canadians as well. Although the weather wasn´t the best, unfortunately, we swam in the surprisingly warm lake and had fun with the canoes we could use and the big trampoline in the water. During the two days we were grouped and made different things: we designed our own t-shirts, played soccer with a giant ball, made bracelets and we also ate a lot (the pizza and the cake were fantastic!). Even though that sounds like two days doing nothing but having fun, we actually learned a lot about what to do when we are homesick, what are the dos and don´ts in Canada and how we should act on a party.
All in all I had two interesting, useful days with tons of fun! Thank you very much ‪#‎NSISP‬ for this awesome camp!

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Clichés & school


When people in Germany think about Canada, they imagine beautiful landscapes, endless expanse and moose running through the snow storms. When I think about my last days here in Nova Scotia, I remember being at two different beaches, laying in the sun and enjoying the cold water in the pool in front of my host parents house.
Shelburne Regional High School

Shelburne Regional High School

My first two days in school were nice, I made new friends and I'm happy with my five courses: physical education, English, oceans, law and ... okay I don't love it as much as the other four courses ... math. But they were also two exhausting days, I couldn't find my classroom, I had to change my schedule and all the rest of it. That's why I'm very happy to have a long weekend with sunny weather, just now it is 28 degrees and I'm sitting outside wondering about the blue sky without any clouds! Yesterday we decided to go to the Roseway Beach which is about a half hour drive from our house. We were four girls and we actually were about 20 minutes in the cold seawater. My host sister Leire would say it was freezing (that's what she always says), I say it was very refreshing!:)
To all my friends in Germany: I hope you enjoy the rain and the cloudy sky :D
Lockeport beach

Lockeport beach

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My first days


I´m now in Nova Scotia for three days and it is already the greatest adventure I´ve ever had. We are a group of five young people from all over the world: from China, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil and Germany. First I was really afraid and thought it´ll be hard to make friends here. I was wrong, it´s pretty easy! Everyone is open-minded, especially the Canadians: they smile at you all the time and just start a conversation. Wherever you are, there is someone helping you and taking care of you.
Even the people at the airport are much more polite in Canada! I had to fly all alone, what was very hard for me. In Germany I felt lost and didn´t know what to do, much less where to go. As soon as I landed in Montreal everybody asked me if I´m okay and if they could help me. Furthermore the Canadians are well tolerant! I feel like there is no focus on how you look or what you wear and that is totally new for me. I always thought people in Germany are tolerant but now I really think they always put people in boxes. I´m really excited I have the chance to be here and experience that much new adventures! Let´s start a new stage of life!

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