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October 2015

Halloween in Canada


In Canada Halloween starts as soon as fall is there. People carve pumpkins, buy their costumes, decorate their gardens with fake graves and buy tons of candy.

Even though I went trick or treating for years, this Halloween will definitely be the one I remember the most. The streets were almost crowded by kids who partly wore very creative and funny costumes - I loved it, even young people went door to door. AND it´s worth it! We came back with innumerable packages of chips, maaany chocolate bars and other, for me, indefinable candy.

Some houses had an awesome decoration and everybody was happy to see us! My attitude to Halloween really changed because of this evening. In Germany I didn´t care about it at all and now I truly love it. Next year I´ll carve a lot of pumpkins and wait for children the whole evening so I can tell them about Canadian Halloween and how awesome it is :D


The whole Halloween week there were activities in my high school. I participated in a pumpkin carving contest with my friend Noémie and we actually carved the second best pumpkin, we named it Bruno (left). After that I carved Carl (right) at home.

We also won a Tims gift card because of our costumes. We were dressed up as tourists.. the rain coat was really hot and we both got a headache because the whale hat was so tight. But it was really funny and for free donuts we´ll do anything anyway :D
I´m very proud of us!

See you soon!

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My Thanksgiving Weekend!

My first Thanksgiving :)

Thanksgiving is celebrated the second Monday of October in Canada, as opposed to the States where it is at the end of November. The 12th of October was a Monday and therefore we had a long weekend and used this opportunity to visit two of my host parent´s children. Although it is only October everybody is already in "Halloween fever". The whole city of Kentville was decorated with pumpkin people - it was a huge contest and everybody had the opportunity to participate. We had a lot of fun posing with pumpkin simpsons, pumpkin astronauts and pumpkin pirates.
I´ve never seen such an awesome thing in Europe. As soon as you´re older than ten you just don´t care about Halloween anymore. I really think you North Americans are better in celebrating!



On Sunday we went apple picking which was actually way more fun that I expected it to be. There are different types of apples and my host sister and me were really sick at our stomach after because we tried so many. They were delicious and the feeling to eat them directly after picking them makes them even more delicious. We also went to buy pumpkins for Halloween, more than one month before! HALLOWEEN - HERE WE COME :D

In the evening we had our Thanksgiving dinner. I´d love to say I tried turkey and it was delicious but actually I´m a vegetarian so my Thanksgiving food wasn´t very typical. I had squash, pumpkin and apple pie, though! Also it was a nice evening with the family.

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Annika ☼

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